Poly Adaptors

Poly adaptors are used to join polyethylene pipe (also known as poly, bore, PE or continuous pipe) to PVC conduit. Polyethylene sizing refers to the outside dimension of the pipe.

Product Code

Product Description

BOR50-63PE50mm HD to 63mm Poly Coupling
BOR63PE-PE63mm Poly to 63mm Poly Coupling
BOR63-PE63mm HD to 63mm Poly Coupling
BOR100-110PE100mm HD to 110mm Poly Coupling
BOR110PE-PE110mm Poly to 110mm Poly Coupling
BOR125PE-100125mm Poly to 100mm PVC Coupling
BOR125-125PE125mm HD to 125mm Poly Coupling
BOR125-140PE125mm HD to 140mm Poly Coupling
BOR150-140PE150mm HD to 140mm Poly Coupling
BOR150-180PE150mm HD to 180mm Poly Coupling

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