About Bayside Benders

Bayside Benders has been manufacturing and supplying a wide range of products to electrical wholesalers throughout Australia for over 20 years. We also export to the Pacific Regions including New Zealand, Fiji and the Cook Islands.

We are a national manufacturer and supplier with manufacturing facilities in Victoria and Western Australia supported by distributors in the Northern Territory and Tasmania.

pvc bend

We specialise in PVC conduit fittings and can fabricate products from the full range of standard pipe sizes. Our custom machinery can handle plastic pipes with an outside diameter of up to 225mm.

We deal primarily with orange electrical, grey electrical and white communications conduit products; however, we can also fabricate pressure pipe, sewer pipe, DWV pipe and poly pipe bends and fittings.

We are an Australian owned and managed company and pride ourselves on prompt service and quick turn around time for our clients. Large stock volumes and rapid manufacturing capabilities ensure orders are always fulfilled.

Our staff have extensive knowledge of the industry and can advise customers on the most suitable items for their projects. Furthermore, all products can be customised to suit specific needs.

Legal Information

Bayside Benders has developed stringent rules and policies to comply with legal requirements.  Bayside Benders is dedicated to protecting customers details and will not share your information with any third party persons or companies, except as requested by our customers for the purpose of Credit Reference Checks.

Bayside Benders also has a set list of Terms and Conditions to protect you as the Customer and Bayside Benders as the supplier.  Please go to the Downloads section of this website to view our Terms and Conditions of Sale document.